About: Experts in Market Analysis & Development Planning

Founded in 2012, we are a unique consulting firm with a singular dedication to analyzing and understanding real estate markets and the communities in which they operate. We are experts in all types of residential and commercial development planning as well as economic development and community revitalization strategies. Our goal is to give our clients the knowledge and tools they need to make smart decisions and build success quickly in complex environments.

Our clients value our rigorous hands-on investigative approach that blends extensive field work and outreach with quantitative and qualitative data analysis. We combine innovative research methodologies with classic supply/demand analysis and an insatiable curiosity about the inner-workings of individual markets. The result is clear insight and robust guidance grounded in market realities.

While DPP has the ability to work in markets nationwide, the Upper Midwest remains our home and stomping ground. We have worked extensively throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, completing assignments within all Metro area counties, as well as Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa. We have a unique depth of experience that includes all housing types and commercial sectors, including mixed-use and transit-oriented development (TOD). We are experts in strategic planning for growth-minded organizations and bring to our work a special sensitivity to the place-making aspects of development planning and community building.