Services: Strategic Planning for Real Estate Development

Development Planning Partners (DPP) gives public and private sector clients the tools and insights they need to make the strong tactical decisions required to achieve their development goals and to help plan for and manage growth. We specialize in strategic planning for residential and commercial development in all forms and at all stages. Our market research, analysis, and development planning services help our clients to understand the opportunities offered by their land assets, prioritize their development goals, reduce risk, and build strong communities.

To each client engagement we bring our hands-on approach that includes extensive primary research, including field surveys and market measurement and profiling, to garner an operative understanding of the study area. To this research, we add data on a host of market influencers, including demographic and socioeconomic trends, labor market conditions, consumer spending patterns, and many others. The result is a robust knowledge base from which we perform analyses, derive conclusions, create market projections, and formulate market-supported guidance on a wide range of development and planning issues. Our work encompasses all aspects of market and feasibility analysis and development consulting. Core service areas include the following:

Real Estate Market Analysis

Where is the market now and where is it heading? We can provide valuable perspectives and insights on any real estate market at the local, regional, or even national level to help keep you informed and guide your development efforts. Our market opportunity analysis work combines trend forecasting with competitive evaluation and other market considerations to uncover often hidden opportunities and help you deploy resources in the most efficient and profitable manner. These analyses address emerging opportunities in new or existing market areas, in target consumer groups, and/or in new product initiatives.

Our market insights are used by clients in both the public and private sectors to understand market conditions and potentials, create growth strategies, and to support community planning efforts.

Development Planning

At the individual development project level, we provide robust market and feasibility studies. Our development planning work brings together multiple research investigations and analyses to provide conclusions and guidance regarding every aspect of creating a successful residential or commercial development, including site assessment, demographic and socioeconomic analysis, supply and demand analysis, and competitive evaluation.

Full product and pricing guidance are provided, designed to maximize the value of your property while taking into consideration other financial, physical, or regulatory considerations or constraints. Finally, other marketing considerations vital to both the short and long-term success of the development are addressed, including optimal levels and types of features and amenities, project phasing, and target marketing.

A thorough market study and defensible development plan are essential tools for securing buy-in from municipal decision-makers and are requisite for most types of financing.

Community and Economic Development Consulting

Our community and economic development consulting work brings together classic market analysis and economic and demographic research investigations to provide a basis for robust community and economic development strategies that are based in market realities and are sensitive to the needs of the community.

Our public sector clients use our community and economic development guidance to better understand neighborhoods, corridors, and districts; assess housing needs and balance; plan for growth; create sound housing policies; explore commercial development opportunities; and to strengthen community revitalization efforts.